International Journal of Multidisciplinary Innovative Research (IJMIR)

Peer Reviewed Refereed Open Access Multidisciplinary International Journal

Publication Policy

The IJMIR adopted the double-blind peer review process, where both reviewers and authors remain unknown to each others in throughout the review process.

For initial review, every manuscript submitted for publication first read by at least editor. During initial review, editor will assess the submitted manuscript on the basis of its quality, originality, plagiarism, grammar, suitability with IJMIR editorial policies etc. If the manuscript is full filling all this criteria, then such manuscript will be send to at least two reviewers for external review. The manuscript immediately rejected which does not pass in initial review of editor and decision will be immediately communicated to the author. Reviewers are internationally recognized experts in fields. The reviewers won't know the author's identity, as any identifying information will be stripped from the document before review.

Reviewers' comments to the editors are confidential and before passing on to the author will made anonymous. Based on the reviewers' comments, the editor makes a final decision on the acceptability of the manuscript, and communicates to the authors the decision, along with referees' reports. Whether significant revisions are proposed, acceptance is dependent on whether the author can deal with those satisfactorily.

Reviewers submit the evaluation results along with their recommendations as one of the following actions:

  • Accepted without Change
  • Accepted with Minor Changes
  • Accepted with Major Changes
  • Rejected (Specific Reasons)

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