International Journal of Multidisciplinary Innovative Research (IJMIR)

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Plagiarism Policy

The International Journal of Multidisciplinary Innovative Research is always respect to intellectual property, therefore it encourages and dedicated to publish only and only original work. Each submitted manuscript should be original works and authors have not published or been sent for publication of that particular manuscript elsewhere nor is under review elsewhere in any other Journal, Conference Proceedings or Books. The plagiarism of article will be strictly checked at various stages of publication before final publication. Manuscripts found to be plagiarized during initial stages of review are immediately rejected and it will be not considered for publication in the journal. In case a after post publication manuscript found plagiarized, the Editor-in-Chief will conduct preliminary investigation, if the manuscript is found to be plagiarized beyond the acceptable limits, the journal will contact the author’s Institute / College / University and Funding Agency, if any.
The manuscript containing plagiarized material is always against the standard of science, research and new invention as well as innovation. If any manuscript is found to be plagiarized, IJMIR will take immediate action, which will include to the following:

  • Retraction of paper from IJMIR online system, review, and from all other publication processes.
  • Black listing of concerned author(s) with the discussion of editorial board.
  • IJMIR may reject all future submissions from the author for a period of years or even ban the authors permanently.
  • Reporting of the issue to the concerned authorities, including the authors' institution and/or funding organizations.
  • Any other course of action, decided by the Editorial Board, from time to time.

Types of Plagiarism

IJMIR will considered following types of plagiarism:

  1. Full Plagiarism: Previously published content without any changes to the text, idea and grammar. It involves copying exact text from a source as it is.
  2. Partial Plagiarism: In partial plagiarism copying content from various diverse sources. Rephrased may be done by author.
  3. Self-Plagiarism: When an author reuses complete or portions of their published research.