International Journal of Multidisciplinary Innovative Research (IJMIR)

Peer Reviewed Refereed Open Access Multidisciplinary International Journal

Guidlines for Author

IJMIR is open access peer reviewed international multidisciplinary journal. Authors should carefully read our policies and manuscript preparation instructions before preparing their manuscript for the submission of peer review process. IJMIR has been adopted Blind Double Peer Review process.

Submission of Manuscript:

  • Manuscript will be published only when acceptance after the peer reviews process.
  • There are no submission or publication charges. This is totally unpaid journal.
  • Author should mention the category (Indian Author, Indian Student Author, Foreign Author and Foreign Student Author) when submitting thier manuscript to the journal.
  • After submission of manuscript, the acknowledgement mail will be sent to corresponding author mentioning the Registration Id. This will help you to track your manuscript status.
  • Once the acceptance of manuscript for the publication, the specific Manuscript Id will be alloted to your manuscript. (Which will be different than your Registration Id)
  • Authors are kindly requested to carefully read the author, publication guidelines, publication policies.
  • File Type: Manuscript will be accepted only in MS-word format (.doc or .docx); any other format will not be accepted.

Once, manuscripts are accepted for publication which makes clear understanding that:

  • Authors have not published or been sent for publication of that particular manuscript elsewhere. While submitting manuscript author should provide names, full addresses and Email ID of all authors.
  • Publish original quality research works, review papers, short communications etc. is primary focus of IJMIR. Upon acceptance of manuscript, authors should send scan duly sign copyright form to
  • All authors are jointly and severally responsible to the various authorities for the contents of the manuscripts. The Editorial Board/Publisher shall not be held responsible in any manner whatsoever to the contents of the manuscript and the views and interpretations expressed by the authors in the manuscripts.
  • The decision of the Editor is final in all matters pertaining to the publication of the manuscripts. Editor has the right to do editorial revision of the accepted manuscripts, restriction of number of pages, tables and figures. No reason shall be given for the non-acceptance of the manuscript. Manuscript once received will not be returned to the author under any circumstances. The copy right shall rest with the Journal and no part of any manuscript shall be reproduced without specific permission of the Editor.
  • Received manuscript given a manuscript Id. The authors need to include manuscript Id number of the paper in the subject area in all future emails while sending the revised version of the manuscript based on the comments of the referee.

Important Note to the Authors: Accepted manuscript cannot be withdrawn at any condition. Authors should not submit same manuscript to various journals simultaneously.

Ethical Matters: Authors involving in the usage of experimental animals and human subjects in their research article should seek approval from the appropriate Ethical authorities in accordance with "Principles of Laboratory Animal Care". The Method section of the manuscript should include a statement to prove that the investigation was approved and that informed consent was obtained.

Role of Editors: After receiving manuscript, editor will start his work, the role of the editors is to evaluate the appropriateness of submitted manuscripts for the journal, including: the quality of the manuscript, whether it meets the Aims and Scope of the journal, as well as the originality of the work. The editors should not disclose information about a submitted manuscript to anyone other than the corresponding author, reviewers or potential reviewers, or other members of the editorial board. Editors will ensure the punctual handling of the review process. Editors will evaluate the merit of manuscripts for intellectual content without regard to race, gender, country of origin, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation.

Role of Authors: Authors of original research which is not previously published elsewhere should be an accurate presentation of the work carried out, a discussion of the significance of the work in context with previous works, and should contain sufficient experimental detail to allow others to replicate the work. Appropriate citation of previously published works must always be included. Authors should disclose any financial or other conflicts of interest that may be construed as influencing the data or interpretation. All sources of financial support should be disclosed. Authorship should be limited to those persons who have made a significant contribution to the work in terms of conception, design, experimental implementation, and data analysis and interpretation. All persons making significant contributions should be included as co-authors. If an author discovers a significant error in the published work, the author is obligated to inform the journal editor in order to either correct or retract the paper.

Role of the Publisher: In cases of proven scientific misconduct, plagiarism, or fraudulent publication, the publisher, in collaboration with the editorial board, will take appropriate action to clarify the situation, publish an erratum, or retract the work in question

Galley Proof:
The corresponding author of an accepted manuscript will receive e-mail notification and complete instructions when page proofs are available for review. Final proof will be provided in password protected Portable Document Format (PDF) files of the typeset pages. The password of protected PDF file will be informed to the corresponding author only. Author should make corrections, in green ink, directly on the galley proofs. Corrections are noticeable and easy to understand.
Author should return the checked galley proofs via e-mail to by the manuscript ID indicated within week of receipt. Late return of galley proofs may mean postponement to a later issue. Please make a copy of the corrected proofs before returning them; keep the copy for your records.
The purpose of the PDF proof is a final check of the spelling errors, layout, and of tables and figures. Alterations other than the essential correction of errors are unacceptable at PDF proof stage.

Authors are kindly requested to submit their manuscript through our Online Manuscript Submission System.